Going Out,  Bringing In,  Common Development
Europe-China Yangtze River Delta Economy&Trade Conference​
  • Meet Representatives of Government, Businessmen, Experts, Chamber of Commerce and Well-known  Online and Offline Sales Channel Representatives
  • Filed Visit, Assist High-quality Product of Foreign Enterprises to Enter into Chinese market.
  • One-to-One Matchmaking with Local Enterprises
  • Learn the Successful Experience of European Enterprises in China
To enlarge the effect of China, improve the image of China, link the Chinese market wo the world, the “Europe -China Yangtze River Delta Economy & Trade Conference” would be organized by China Europe Economy and Technology Cooperation Association in Shanghai WH Ming Hotel from May 17th to May 18th, 2019.
This forum aims to discuss the policies and impacts of Chinese market opening on opportunities and challenges in international trade. Promoting China International Import Expo, attracting European enterprises to attend import expo. Creating a chance of direct communication for both European enterprises and Chinese enterprises. Assisting European enterprises to bring their product in Chinese market.
Implementation of China-EU cooperation
European Corporation
  • Accurate matchmaking with Chinese purchaser and server
  • Have a knowledge of firsthand information Permission of product
  • Field visit,investigate the situation of Product in Chinese market
Domestic Enterprises
  • Accurate Matchmaking with European provider
  • Increase the contact with European enterprises and chamber of commerce. Participate in the supply chain service.
  • Provide an oportunity of customize display for domestic enterprises new platform and mode.
Huang Shengqiang​
Former member of General Administration Customs,
Director of National Port Administration Office, Professor of Shanghai customs college
​Yu Chen

Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai
Wang Xiao​
Vice President of Netease
Yan Leqing
Director of Government and Public Services, Deloitte China
Dr. Andrzej Juchniewicz
Chief Representative in China of Poland Investment & Trade Agency
Zhou Xin
Zhou Xin
General Manager, Shanghai Xinhai Customs  Brokerage Co., Ltd.
Dragon Cigoja
Vice President of Nikola Tesla Institute, 
Vice president of International Emerging European Business Council, 
Member of Sustainable Environment Institute of United Nations
Financial &Banking Association of EuroAsian Cooperation in Greater China,
Singapore and Malaysia’s Senior Investor & Entrepreneur
Date Module 1: Opening Ceremony


Module 2: CIIE
Module 3: Environment of Investment and Business
Module 4: Online and Offline Sales Channel
Module 5: Trade Compliance
Module 6: European Representatives Sharing
Module 7: Roundtable Forum
One-to-one Business meeting
Participating enterprises do one-to-one accurate docking, 
cooperation and negotiation, signing on-site
*Should be adjusted to the actual arrangement
Date Inspection Route 1
Visit exhibition hall, have a knowledge of the latest information of the second CIIE.
Visit JD e-commerce warehouses and Ole’, have a knowledge of  sales channel, investigate the product price of Chinese market.
Date Inspection Route 2
Visit Yangshan Deep-Water Port and FTA, understand the operation mode of unmanned wharf, listen to the introduction of investment  policies. Visit JD e-commerce warehouses. 
Visit Freshhema.  the representative of new retail model, 
Visit OCJ Home Shopping,  the representative of television merchandising.
Guide Unit:
Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
Supporting Unit:
China International Import Expo Bureau
Shanghai Yangpu District People’s government
China European Economic and Technical Cooperation Association
China Customs Brokers Association
Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai
Shanghai Cross-Border E-commerce Association
Shanghai Yangpu District E-Commerce Association
Global Chambers of Commerce Network
Shanghai Hengxinyuan Business Group
Silk Passage Business Consultancy
China Europe Economy and Technology Cooperation Association Shanghai Office
Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Oujian Network Development Group Co., Ltd
Business Individual : 1200 Euro
Company(2 Persons): 2000 Euro
*Include: 1 night accommondationin Shanghai (standard room), Materials fee, Matchmaking section, first day’s lunch and Inspection Route (Quota is limited, first-come first served)