。Meet the delegation of big investors, businessmen, and government officials from China
           。Get the insights from local governmental and business representatives
           。Explore China’s most perspective economic area, the Yangtze River Delta (YRD)
           。Learn from European expat’s success in China
Largest Market In The World.
 China was the factory of the world, producing goods that everyone consumed. But recently, China is becoming the biggest consumer market -- a battleground for companies willing to make a fortune. However, while some companies ride the wave of growth, others have lost millions and suffered from betrayal, fraud, misunderstanding and failures.
First Hand Information
How to take advantage of this largest developing market and multiply the scale of your own business, while minimizing the risk?
The forum will provide first-hand information through intimate communication with top governmental and business representatives from China’s best emerging Yangtze River Delta market.
Why Yangtze River Delta? It is an international gateway around Shanghai and the major China economy engine. The region has 26 cities and 2.2 Trillion USD (2018) of GDP. It is also been said:
“If you succeed in China, you succeed in the world And if you succeed in YRD, you succeed in China”
Meet Your Potential Business
The delegates are not in Warsaw just for sharing their experience and information, but also to spot potential projects, products and companies to invest, trade, promote and co-operate with.
Layer 6
Bingjin XU
Chairman of China-Europe Association of Technology and Economic Cooperation 
President of China Automobile Dealers Association.
图层 32
Jingyue CHEN
Executive Vice President & Secretary General of China-Europe Association of Technical and Economic Cooperation
Layer 9
Director of China European Economic and Technical Cooperation Association (Shanghai)
President of Shanghai Hanma Investment Management Group
Senior investor
图层 31
Director of European Affairs of CEATEC(Shanghai )
Partner & Head of Government Relation,  Silk Passage Business Consultancy
Layer 11
Bin HE
The President of Shanghai Oujian Network Development Group Co., Ltd
The President of Shanghai Tianhai Enterprise Customs Consulting Co., Ltd
Layer 10
Yan XU
Chairman of KR Capital
Vice President of Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce
Layer 7
Min HE
Vice President of China Law Association on Science and Technology 
Consulting Expert of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Intellectual Property
Layer 12
Fan WU
General Manager of Silk Passage Bussiness consultancy co. LTD
Director of International Affairs of CEATEC (Shanghai) 
Layer 8
Bazhov E. EVGENY
Financial & Banking Association of EuroAsian Cooperation in Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia’s Regional Representative and Head of Government Relations
Senior Investor & Entrepreneur
10:00 – 10:15    Start of the Forum - Check in 
10:15 – 10:30    Opening Speech by Representative from the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce
                          Speech by the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the CEATEC, Ms. Jingyue CHEN
                          Speech by the Representative of Chinese Embassy
                          Speech by Representative of the Polish government 
10:30 – 11:00   Speech: CIIE, China’s Transition from Biggest Exporter to Importer
                          By:  Ms. Hui CHEN
11:00 – 11:30    Section 1. Consumption Trend and New Sales Channels in China
                          Speech: What Products Are in Growing Needs in China – Trend Analysis for Consumption from Customs Data
                          By: Mr. Bin HE
                          Speech: Hundreds of Ways to Sell – Chinese Traditional Retail Ways and New Emerging Channels
                          By: Mr. Joshua WU
11:30 – 12:00    Section 2. Where to Find Investment for Your China Adventure
                          Speech: What Do Chinese Investors Care About? What Else to Find Financial Support?
                          By: Ms. Yan Xu
12:00 – 13:00   Lunch Break
13:00 – 14:00   Section 3. Important Chinese Business Norms and Policies You Should Look Into and Take Advantage
                          Speech: Practical Methods to Protect Your Intellectual Property in Your Cooperation with China
                          By: Mr. Min He
                         Panel Discussion: From Opening to Success – Practical Advice and Real Examples to Understand Why Foreign Companies
                         Succeed or Fail in China
                         By:  Mr. Bazhov E. Evgeny,   Mr. Dragan Čigoja
14:00 – 15:00   Projects Road Show by Business Leaders from Selected Companies
15:00 – 16:00   Matchmaking Talks with Chinese Delegations & Social Time
批准单位 / Authorized Unit:
中华人民共和国商务部 / Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China 
主办单位 / Host Unit:
中国欧洲经济技术合作协会 / China-Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation
承办单位 / Organizers:
中国欧洲经济技术合作协会上海市办事处/ China-Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation ( Shanghai )
丝帆(上海)商务咨询有限公司 / Silk Passage Business Consultancy
上海欧坚网络发展集团股份有限公司 / Shanghai Oujian Network Development Group Co., Ltd
协办单位 / Co-Organizer:
上海恒信源企业(集团 )有限公司 / Shanghai Hengxinyuan Group
承办单位 Organizer:
华沙总商会 / Warsaw Chamber of Commerce
支持单位 / Supporters:
华沙市政府 / Government of Warsaw
马祖维亚省政府 / Government of The Mazovia Region
波兰国家贸易和服务委员会  / National  Council of Trade and Services
电子经济商会 / Chamber of Electronic Economy
波兰进出口与合作商会 / The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Importers, Exporters & Cooperation